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RE: fontname mapping file for TeX

Good going!  Obviously, as I wrote about this before, I think it's a good idea.
I have may doubts about wild-carding, but it does have one saving grace:  If
you don't use wild-card characters, it doesn't hurt you.  (This assumes that
if there are no *'s in the spec you hand to \font, you get ONLY the exact
match - not an implicit trailing *, or something like that.)  Even with that,
I'd find real text wildcarding a bad idea.  It's one thing to say "give me
Times Roman 10pt normal weight character set TeX-standard from any foundary",
quite another to say "give me any font whose name happens to contain the
characters TMR10NTS anywhere within it".  Perhaps the X font-naming conventions
are good enough to support this - I don't know enough about them.  Without
some control over how the matching is done, pure text wildcarding is just asking
for trouble.
							-- Jerry