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Re: fontmapping files

/I think we might likely get into tricky portability issues with 
/wild cards again. For instance, on my XYZ9000 at home, I will 
/presumably modify my fontmap file to say
/-> adobe-times-roman  cmr10
/-> bitstream-charter  cmr10
/-> otherwise-velveeta cmss10
/-> amr10              cmr10
/(since my FX-80 ink-ribbon typesetter has a limited selection of fonts)
/and locally implement a take-whatever-is-available-and-use-it scheme
/without necessitating wildcards in the documents I bring home to TeX,
/or even my editing the font calls in the documents I bring home.

Your application of font substitution seems very awkward to me.
Presumably you'll want to get a rather complete proofing of the
document to be printed, you'd probably want to keep the metrics
for the font being proofed and live with awkward inter-letter
spacing on your FX-80. If nothing else, don't you want a good
idea of how many pages the document will have?