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fontname mapping file for TeX

The reason against \charsubdef being a part of TeX (TM) is that
however convenient it may be it violates DEK's basic
insistence that for any given input there is only one dvi
output.  Depending on the environment, you will get various
dvi outputs from a "TeX" with \charsubdef included, and the differences
are subtle and interwoven into the file.

I don't see that font name mapping does that.  It may be that we have
to decide which name goes into the postamble and the font-def
commands---in the case of CM, it is obviously going to be the usual
cmr10 style name--- but we can remember the time when SAIL used 6-char
names while VMS and Unix were already opening them out to longer
names.  That certainly involved inconsistencies in both the postamble
and font-defs, but you could get around it with links, etc., and in
that case as in this, DEK did not feel that the inconsistencies
invalidated VMS and Unix TeXs.  So long as we always end up with
a font which has the expected checksum in the tfm, and which
maps the characters into the same positions on all systems,
the question of its external file name is not so critical.  

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