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Re: maintaining modes.mf

A first question which comes in my mind: Shall a mode_def be used for
the creation of all fonts for one device, or shall there be different
mode_def's for some fonts?
I know that Bart Childs has taken the latter approach for at least one
output device -- I prefer the former one. It's just trading efficiency
of work against output quality of ugly output devices.
Besides, can anyone contact me who had experiences with the mode_def
for a Ricoh4080? We have a TI Omnilaser, and in our opinion the glyphs
were not ok. We tried about 75 combinations of new values to get an
other mode_def. I want to share experiences before posting this new
Joachim Schrod                          <xitijsch@ddathd21.bitnet>
Computer Science Department
Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany