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[Bur Davis <bdavis@ADOBE.COM>: Re: Multiple names for characters]

I believe this message from the ISO10646 character set discussion list
may be of relevance to this list as well:


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>> The recent discussion about different names for the Cyrillic characters
>> depending on the country you are in reminds me that there are many
>> characters that have several names.
For your interest (evaluation, information, etc.), this is one reason
Adobe has chosen to name new glyphs using AFII glyph id's of the form
where nnnnn is a 1- to 10-digit decimal number in the range 0 to
2^32-1, inclusive. The numbers are taken from the international glyph
registry known as AFII (Association for Font Information Interchange)
chartered by ISO standard 9541 (Standard for Font Information
Interchange). This decision is not limited to our Cyrillic fonts. All
new glyphs in our fonts, with the exception of those which are
comprised of glyphs in our Standard Roman, Expert, and Symbol
character sets (PostScript language Reference Manual, 2d ed., pp.
596-605), will be named this way.
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