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Re: [bkph@wheat-chex.ai.mit.edu (Berthold K.P. Horn): Re: Postscript fonts Times-Bold.t]

here's the reply I just sent to info-tex.

Reencoding fonts has another advantage besides those enumerated
by Berthold -- you don't have to change the macros to
get accents and the like.  This is not hard to do,
but it does increase the number of files one has to send around.

In the case of PostScript fonts, I strongly urge everyone to
use the fonts that come with dvips (the virtual ones, that is).
They're out there, they're consistent, they work just fine.

As for names, things like `adding x' don't work very well.
The latest version of my font naming scheme is available
(as always) from ftp.cs.umb.edu [] in pub/tex/fontname/fontname.texi
Unfortunately, it doesn't address the issue of character encoding directly.
But it does cover most of the possibilities.