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Re: [bkph@wheat-chex.ai.mit.edu (Berthold K.P. Horn): Re: Postscriptfonts Times-Bold.t]

-> Where to put the alternative L along
-> with the two variant Q's and the ft and fj ligatures?) [because the
-> Cork encoding has no blank spaces]
-If you're willing to do VF's anyway, they
-just have to go into a separate font; annoying for the designer,
-irrelevant to the user.

Actually, VF can't help here. TeX doesn't know diddly about VF so
all it sees is a 256 character (possibly virtual, who knows?)
font. Every character to be used in the font has to appear at
_some_ character code. I know the first character to go will be
that dopey little zero for building per-mil.