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New round of debugging of the dc fonts

  Since Norbert Schwarz has officially stated (at the Dante meeting in 
spring '94 at M"unster) that he has not the time to develop the dc fonts 
further, I have offered to take the work over for the next round of 
debugging.  I want to start this round now, if there are any objections 
please speak up.

  This announce is sent to several lists, apologies to those, who receive 
multiple copies of it.

  I include a statement of intent.

Yours, J"org Knappen.

Statement of intent:

  Creating dc fonts version 1.2

The dc-fonts version 1.2 shall contain the following:

* Fixes to the known and reported bugs

* New ligatures as proposed by Alan Jeffrey

* Improvement of quality, especially but not only, for the eastern european

* A first incarnation of the `text companion font encoding'. This first 
  incarnation will leave many slots open reserved for further 

If time and other resources allow, the dc-fonts version 1.2 may contain

* Additional parameter files for new styles, thus completing the family

* Different shaped accents for capitals and lowercase letters

The dc-fonts 1.2 will *not* contain 

* Any changes to the agreed Cork encoding, allthough there are know
  shortcomings of it

* New math fonts. This is considered a separate project.

* A bold typewriter font

The dc-fonts version 1.2 should be completed and presented at the 
EuroTeX'95 meeting in beginning of September.