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Re: 8r encoding + xdvi :-(

> From: David Aspinall <da@dcs.ed.ac.uk>
> Joachim Schnitter this morning sent me a patch for render.ps by Paul
> [...]
> I tested gsftopk using Type 1 sources (e.g. utopia) and the reencoding
> seems okay, so the continuing problem may relate to ghostscript's .gsf
> files somehow.  I weakly hoped that the new release of psfonts.beta
> might fix this -- I thought perhaps the vf's for the files without
> Type 1 sources had been generated using a different set of AFM's to
> the ones ghostscript's .gsf files are based on, or something?  But
> having just downloaded and tested it, the same problem seems apparent.

If I have understood things right: gsftopk can do the reencoding, but
only for "real" type1 fonts and not for the .gsf fonts from ghostscript.
This means: there is (in the moment) no chance to get a ptmr8r.pk
unless one has the commercial type1 font.

The psfonts.beta is havily based on the 8r encoding (even 7t and 8t will
be virtual fonts referring to 8r encoded fonts) so the free fonts are
going to become useless for xdvi or other drivers that need pk-fonts.