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Re: 8r encoding + xdvi :-(

On Mon, 29 May 1995, K. Berry wrote:

>     gsftopk can do the reencoding, but
>     only for "real" type1 fonts and not for the .gsf fonts from ghostscript.
> So, let's fix gsftopk.

Yes. The fix from Paul Vojta (TargetFont exch instead of TargetFont in file
render.ps line 193, version 1.9 of gsftopk) did not work for me, although
I thought it did for some time ...

With the fix, I get:
  te.users(gauss)534: gsftopk ptmr8r 600
  gsftopk version 1.9
  [1gs: Error: /typecheck in --makefont--
  gs: Operand stack:
  gs:    --dict:11/11--   --nostringval--   --nostringval--
  gs: Execution stack:
  gs:    %interp_exit   --nostringval--   --nostringval--   
  --nostringval--   false   --nostringval--   --nostringval--   
  gs: Dictionary stack:
  gs:    --dict:595/631--   --dict:0/20--   --dict:59/200--
  gs: Current allocation mode is local
  gs: Current file position is 4859
I am using gs3.33. Does the fix work for gs-3.12?

If I use an unpatched version of render.ps, the pk-file ptmr8r.600pk is 
generated, but it is not reencoded.

>     The .gsf files from GhostScript do not seem to work with ps2pk.
> So, let's fix ps2pk.

Well, ps2pk needs .afm files which do not come along with .gsf fonts.
But, I tried a .afm file I found on CTAN and got:

  te.users(gauss)541: ps2pk -v -X600 -R600   -e 8r.enc ptmr.gsf ptmr8r.600pk
  Loading CharMetrics from ptmr.afm and encoding vector from 8r.enc ...
  FontName Times-Roman; Encoding TeXBase
  Checking ptmr.gsf font ... done
  Creating character glyphs for ptmr.gsf ...Floating point exception

If I use Times-Roman.pfa (available on our SUNs), ps2pk goes well.

> .gsf fonts *are* Type 1 fonts, according to the Adobe book. It's true
> that most software requires eexec encoding, but there's no reason to do
> this.  It just slows things down. So, in this case I think it's better
> to fix the software than to change the fonts.

Thank you, Karl, for the info.

Thomas Esser                                 te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Univ. of Hanover, Germany
Institute for Informatics (Database and Information Systems Group)