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Small Caps and the 8r encoding...

I just fetched and installed psfonts.beta, and on the whole I'm very
pleased;  documentation is a bit sparse, but then it is a beta release
after all.

One thing I would like though is to be able to use Small Caps when using
the 8r encoding. What I get from LaTeX 2e right now is:

  LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `8r/pbk/m/sc ' undefined
  (Font)              using `8r/pbk/m/n' instead on input line 65.

... an error I don't get with the T1 or OT1 encodings.

So right now, I'm faced with switching into 8r when I want special symbols
not in T1, and using T1 the rest of the time, when really I'd be quite
happy not to use T1 at all and work directly in 8r.

Is there some overwhelming reason *not* to have a Small Caps virtual font
in the 8r encoding?   (Or alternatively, is there one already that I just
somehow managed to obscure?)


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