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RE: Undeclared glyphs -Reply

> I should stress Alan's point that 8r is not a supported encoding in terms
> of the LaTeX project. Since we have the base fonts, we wanted to make
> them useable, but the LaTeX2e official line is that you use T1 or OT1 (and
> any future symbol encoding).
Sebastian seems to imply that this is just a whim of the LaTeX3 team
to support only 2 encodings.  In fact, TeX unfotunately makes it practically
impossible to support any more than one encoding so this is not an
"official line" but a necessity.  This one need not ne T1 but it has
to be some arbitrary one and T1, despite its deficiencies,  was agreed
as a TeX standard long before LaTeX had any support for encodings.

Chris Rowley      ---        On behalf of The LaTeX3 Project Team