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dvips question

I would like to have the possibility of using PostScript fonts while
using latex2e. So I downloaded the files from CTAN from the
directories below 


To see if things work I have been using the following file:

--- Begin file example.tex ---
\documentclass{article} \usepackage{times} 
This is a test. 
--- End file example.tex ---

I am working in parallel on a unix network and on my PC at home where
I run OS/2. In both cases I am using the same file psfonts.map:

--- Begin file psfonts.map ---
ptmb0 Times-Bold
ptmbi0 Times-BoldItalic
ptmr0 Times-Roman
ptmri0 Times-Italic
ptmbo0 Times-Bold ".167 SlantFont" 
ptmro0 Times-Roman ".167 SlantFont" 
--- End file psfonts.map ---

The results I get from dvips are essentially the same whether I
generate the file example.dvi under unix or under OS/2 using emtex.

What I cannot understand is that the only output I get under OS/2
leaves the characters blank. Here are the first seventeen lines of the
output when I use dvips32 under OS/2:

dvips32 -d 64 example.dvi -o 
<E:\EMTEX\PS\config.ps(r)> succeeded
<e:/\dvips.ini(r)> failed
<E:\EMTEX\PS\psfonts.map(r)> succeeded
This is dvips 5.58 Copyright 1986, 1994 Radical Eye Software
<example.dvi.dvi(rb)> failed
<example.dvi(rb)> succeeded
<.\texc.pro(r)> failed
<E:\emtex\ps\texc.pro(r)> succeeded
<e:\texfonts\lj_base.fli(rb)> succeeded
<e:\texfonts\lj_emsy.fli(rb)> succeeded
<e:\texfonts\lj_euler.fli(rb)> succeeded
<e:\texfonts\lj_extracm.fli(rb)> succeeded
<e:\texfonts\lj_symbols.fli(rb)> succeeded
' TeX output 1995.07.12:1616' -> example.ps
<e:\emtex\vf\ptmr7t.vf(rb)> succeeded
<e:\emtex\vf\ptmr8r.vf(rb)> failed
<e:\newfonts\pixel.lj\300dpi\ptmr8r.pk(rb)> failed
dvips32: Font ptmr8r.300pk not found, characters will be left blank.
<e:\emtex\tfm\ps\ptmr8r.tfm(rb)> succeeded
<example.ps(w)> succeeded
<.\texc.pro(r)> failed
<E:\emtex\ps\texc.pro(r)> succeeded
<texc.pro>. [1] 

The rest of it is just a long search for non-existent .pk files.  So
the process is derailed by the lack of ptmr8r.vf. Why should dvips32
expect such a file to exist?

Working on the unix network, with exactly the same .tfm and .vf files
and dvips (version 5.54), the characters are not left blank. The
corresponding output on the unix machine is:

dvips -d 64 example.dvi -o
</home/math1/alistair/Tex/Ps/psfonts.map(r)> succeeded
This is dvips 5.54 Copyright 1986, 1994 Radical Eye Software
<example.dvi.dvi(r)> failed
<example.dvi(r)> succeeded
</home/math1/alistair/Tex/Ps/tex.pro(r)> failed
</usr/local/TeX/lib/tex/ps/tex.pro(r)> succeeded
' TeX output 1995.07.12:1616' -> example.ps
</home/math1/alistair/Tex/Vf/ptmr7t.vf(r)> succeeded
dvips: Checksum mismatch in font ptmr7t.vf
</usr/local/TeX/lib/tex/fonts/ptmr0.tfm(r)> failed
</usr/local/TeX/lib/tex/fonts/pk/ptmr0.tfm(r)> failed
</tmp/pk/ptmr0.tfm(r)> failed
</home/math1/alistair/Tex/Tfm/ptmr0.tfm(r)> succeeded
</home/math1/alistair/Tex/Ps/texps.pro(r)> failed
</usr/local/TeX/lib/tex/ps/texps.pro(r)> succeeded
<example.ps(w)> succeeded
</home/math1/alistair/Tex/Ps/tex.pro(r)> failed
</usr/local/TeX/lib/tex/ps/tex.pro(r)> succeeded
<tex.pro></home/math1/alistair/Tex/Ps/texps.pro(r)> failed
</usr/local/TeX/lib/tex/ps/texps.pro(r)> succeeded
<texps.pro>. [1] 

In this case there is no attempt to read ptmr8r.vf and tex.pro is read
instead of texc.pro.  

I have had the same problem with two versions of dvips for OS/2. One
version, 5.516, was already compiled. The other I got from
dvips558.tar compiling it myself for OS/2 following instructions found
in the tar file. 

Can any one tell me how to fix this problem?

Alistair Lachlan
Department of Mathematics
Simon Fraser University