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Re: Slimming downloaded PS fonts to skip unused chars?

Nelson H. F. Beebe writes:
 > Melissa O'Neill <oneill@cs.sfu.ca> asks about downloading PostScript
 > fonts with only the characters actually used.  
 > Tom Rokicki announced at TUG'95 in St. Petersburg in July that code
 > to do this is under preparation, and will be available later this
 > year in a dvips release.

I have been using the modified dvips (and a corresponding modified
dvipsk) for some weeks now, with good results. There *are* still
problems with it, but the principle is fine, and the performance is
fine. there were problems with the copy that appeared briefly on CTAN
but the more obvious ones are fixed

One major problem is that one needs a way to indicate that a font is
*not* to be subsetted, and the syntax of the map file indicating this
is not obvious. Tom has it well in mind, though