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Q: accents and built-in PCL fonts

I have downloaded the metric files for the LJ3 and LJ4 fonts. These are 
the PCL fonts built in to the HPLJ3 and HPLJ4 printers. I have access to 
a HPLJ3p on campus, and I use a HPLJ4l (300dpi) at home. I successfully 
ran vptovf on the pl files and put the vf and tfm files in the 
directories where TeX searches for them. The fonts print out just fine 
until I use TeX commands for accents, e.g., \=a, for macron-a. All I get, 
on either machine is plain a. The macron doesn't come through. (If it 
matters, the code page I used for these tests was the factory default 
one, Roman-8, also called 8U.) Since I have tfm files for these fonts I 
was expecting the accent commands to work. Is my expectation wrong, or am 
I doing something wrong? (By the way, when I use accent commands on PS 
fonts built in to the HPLJ3p, all goes well.)

Thanks for any help.

Bob Hueckstedt

Robert A. Hueckstedt, Associate Professor of Indic Languages
Asian Studies Centre, 328 Fletcher Argue, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2 Canada email: hueckst@cc.umanitoba.ca
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