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FYI: List of `known' bugs in dc-fonts 1.2

% 00bugs.txt
% List of `known' bugs in the dc-fonts version 1.2 as of 6-NOV-1995

This file contains the known bugs in version 1.2 of the dc-fonts. The bugs 
are given in no particular order. If you think you have found a bug in dc 
fonts 1.2, please check this list, if it is already `known'.

1. Missing in the documentation (was only included in the announce):
To employ the dc-fonts 1.2 with LaTeX2e, it is necessary to rebuild the 
LaTeX format with the new fd files. (This information will become obsolete 
with the december 1995 release of LaTeX2e)

2. Missing in the documentation: Write-white devices
The write_white handling from modes.mf does whole sale surgery to 
cmbase.mf, and is incompatible with dxbase.  The following kind of mode 
definition is suggested (and tested!):

%% start
newinternal blacker_min;
def define_whole_blacker_pixels(text t) =
        forsuffixes $=t: $:=hround($.#*hppp+blacker);
                if $ <=blacker_min-1: $:=blacker_min; fi endfor enddef;

def define_whole_vertical_blacker_pixels(text t) =
        forsuffixes $=t: $:=vround($.#*hppp+blacker);
                if $ <=blacker_min-1: $:=blacker_min _o_; fi endfor enddef;

%% end
%% example
% DEC LN03+ mode: to generate fonts for the the DEC LN03+ printer
mode_def ricoh =                % 
 proofing:=0;                   % no, we're not making proofs
 fontmaking:=1;                 % yes, we are making a font
 tracingtitles:=0;              % no, don't show titles at all
 pixels_per_inch:=300;          % that's the meaning of laser
 blacker:=.2;                   % make pens a bit blacker
 blacker_min:=2;                % minimum width of 2 pixels
 fillin:=-.6;                   % compensate for diagonal fillin
 o_correction:=.5;              % but don't overshoot as much
%% /example

3. dcci.mf: font_identifier should read DCTI

4. dcsl.mf: Should use parameters from dcr.mf

5. dcsx.mf and dcso.mf: [cap_]notch_cut should probably be measured in 1/36 pt#

6. dcdoc.tex: (section 5) ... it for italics ... should read: ti for text 

7. Parameters for dcbi look strange, the design_size is probably wrongly 
given in integers.

8. Add more fonts: Concrete, Variable width italic typewriter, Bold SliTeX
fonts, typewriter caps`n'small caps, Upright Italic.

9. dcstdedt.tex: Missing magstep 29.86.
Output of dcstdedt.dvi should fit on usual paper.

10. In the dctt fonts, `-' and `--' don't look the same yet. They should 
do so.

11. TS1cmss.fd: tcbo should read tcso. (This one is actually corrected in 
the LaTeX team's sources)

12. Make *all* font identifieres consisting of *4* letters: The consequence 
of this change will affect dcr (to: dcrm), dcb (to dcrb), and  dcui. The 
first to changes will be delayed untill the names change to the prefix ec, 
in order not to introduce more annoyment than necessary.

13. dcstdedt.tex: \BatchLine{$ @300 #1 ln3} is really specific to my local 
VMS systems and calls a local command file, this should be something more 
generic by default.

14. With some modes, the upper bowl of the digit `8' does not close at low 
sizes. (The computer modern fonts had this error fixed for a long time, but 
the fix hasn't propagated to the dc fonts yet).

15. Check all fixes to the computer modern fonts since 1989, and apply them 
to the dc fonts, if necessary.

16. The italic correction of the letter `edh' contains rounded quantities, 
leading to device-dependent tfm files.

17. The italic correction and height of accented letters contains device 
dependent quantities.

18. In the tc fonts, the fractions and the raised digits (especially the 
`3') break at sizes smaller than 8 pt (depending on the resolution). I'm 
afraid, that I cannot do much about it.

19. Many kernings after capital `A' are missing.

20. Die Ligatur <hyphen> + <hyphenchar> ---> <hyphenchar> is missing.
This ligature is also missing in the documentation.

21. Add kernings nV, nW, and even hV and hW (anyone uses hektovolts?)

22. dcfb3583.mf: Direction does not occur. Since the fibonacci fonts are 
`funny', I'll probably will not care about this one, but take it out of the 
setup. Occurs also with dcfb2488.mf

23. dxcsc.mf should introduce itself using the correct name.

24. dcdh1200.mf: With some modes (e. g. cx), arrow up gives a strange path.
Occurs also with larger sizes.

25. tcsx0500.mf: ! bad pos (breadth of current pen wider than pos width)
occurs within \textborn.

26. Documentation: It should be better documented, that there is 
dcssdc10.mf as dc aequvivalent of cmssdc10.mf.

27. Missing file T1cmssq.fd. (addon to Ulrik Vieth's ssquote package)


Time schedule:

I plan to resume real METAFONTing at the end of december after X-mas. 
Another intermediate version should be available about february/march 1996,
the final move to the stable ec-fonts shall be made august/september 1996. 

     ***** There is absolutely NO WARRANTY on this time schedule *****