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Re: fontinst & small caps

>I don't know if it is the right place for this question.
>I am trying to understand why spacing is so luch different when I
>install padrc9e either from padr8[ax] or from padrc8a (adobe's expert
>sets come with SC&OSF fonts: if I install directly the SC&OSF AGaramond
>as a T1 font I get something very pleasant, if I install it  the
>official way with T1c.etx, interletter spacing is so wide that it alters
>legibility and color). Can someone explain me what I should do?

AFAIK, there's no agreement on how much spacing glyphs like <Asmall>
should contain: some fonts include the extra letterspacing in the
glyph, and others leave it up to the dtp software (can someone correct
me if this is wrong?).  Fontinst adds extra letter spacing by default,
which can be switched off by setting the values of `capspacing' and
`smallcapspacing' beforehand, eg: