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minor errors in lucida bright

I have bougth the Lucida Bright fonts from Y&Y. The documentation on
how to use it with LaTeX2e and dvips is useless. I have found your
programs and files on the subject very good, it just took my a couble
of days to figure out how to use it; perhabs I became a little
confused be reading the official documnetation from Y&Y.

Anyway now I can get it to work, I think.

But there seems to be some minor errors in the bh files.

I your bh/lu*/tex/*.sty files on CTAN I have noticed that the
renewcommand seems to be wrong. The is a missing \ in front om the
rmdefault, i.e. it says 
and it should say

And some of the fontnames are wrong. For example in lucasual.sty it
where it shpuld say
                 ^              ^

Also some of the bh/lu/dvips/config* files are empty; size 0.

Can you recoment a book on this problem with fonts in TeX (and
encoding). Or is just a matter of sitting with the problems as I have
done and now it seems that I understand it a little bit more.

Thanks again for your programs

Lars Otto                                          lars@dina.kvl.dk
Department of Economics and Natural Resources
The Royal Agricultural University