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Re: psnfss and postscript fonts

> Hi,
> I understand that psnfss needs postscript fonts to work properly.
> Now, psnfss lives in packages subdirectory of LaTeX directory, while
> fonts are rooted somehow higher (somewhere directly in texmf
> directory and in its subdirectory texmf). Now, how do I set
> environment variables that (La)TeX will find all necessary files (I
> think that macro/style files are -- as it is usualy set -- resideing
> in tex directory and so the search is done in this hierarchy only).
> Thanx for all/any help,
> Andrej

If you are using web2c with kpathsea 2.6, you can put this in your

FONTDIR         = $TEXMF/fonts
TEXINPUTS.latex =.:!!$TEXMF/tex/latex//:!!$TEXMF/tex//:!!$FONTDIR//tex
TEXCONFIG       = .:~:!!$TEXMF/dvips:!!$FONTDIR//dvips:$WEB2CDIR
DVIPSHEADERS    =.:!!$TEXMF/dvips:!!$FONTDIR//type1:!!$FONTDIR//dvips

and, if needed:
TEXINPUTS.ps2pk =.:!!$FONTDIR//type1:!!$FONTDIR//afm:!!$TEXMF/dvips:$GSFONT
TEXINPUTS.gsftopk       =.:!!$FONTDIR//type1:!!$FONTDIR//afm:!!$TEXMF/dvips
TEXINPUTS.fontinst      =.:~/newnewpsnfss/tools//:~/newnewpsnfss/ts1//:!!$TEXMF/src/latex/psnfss//:!!$FONTDIR//build:!!$FONTDIR//afm:!!$TEXMF/tex//

(check with your current installation, as the above was done using

then you simply unpack the font directories in psfonts under 
$TEXMF/fonts/$vendor/$typeface , update your ls-R and everything is OK

Th. Bouche