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Screen rendering (Was Re: ps2pk vs. gsftopk)

>>>>>> "B" == Berthold K P Horn <bkph@ai.mit.edu> writes:

    B> None of those rasterizers does as well as Adobe Type Manager.
    B> But ATM is only available on Mac and Windows...

    B> Not even the rasterizer in Display PostScript on NeXT does as
    B> well as ATM, and certainly the `lemon' that Sun bought from
    B> Adobe for X Windows is worse.

I can't recall how my old Cube's TeXview looked for comparison, but as
far as good screen image of PostScript fonts, xdvi's greyscale
renderings blow away Adobe Type Manager (inside Microsoft Word on
Win95) which uses two colors: black and white.  (I run both on the
same monitor on my Pentium.)

I'm still hoping someone can tell me how to get proper overstriking
with xdvi...