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modes.mf entry for DEC Scriptprinter

I was recently given a DEC Scriptprinter (also known, I think,
as an LN03R). This is basically a DEC LN03 with Postscript.

I don't know what print engine it uses, but
tried the entry in modes.mf for a DEC LN03. This turned out
much too dark - everything looks bold. I modified the
entry as follows:

mode_def LNOthreR =                      % e.g., DEC LN03R (Scriptprinter)
  mode_param (pixels_per_inch, 300);
  mode_param (blacker, 0);
  mode_param (blacker_min, 2);
  mode_param (fillin, -.6);
  mode_param (o_correction, .5);

I don't claim this is ideal, but it is much closer to the font weights
actually shown in the TeXbook. I did try sending write-black fonts to this
printer, the hairlines disappear. I don't know if these printers have a 
blackness knob, as I have no manual and I'm reluctant to start taking
it apart. Other Scriptwriter owners may find these settings useful.
Francis Bell