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PostScript and single quotes

Gentlemen, single quotes and a fortiori apostrphes in PostScript fonts
do not seem to be in a happy state.

I've been using Sebastian's macros for the "standard 35" for times and
helvetica, and his tweaked version of fontinst (1.5ish) and
complementary scripts to generate my own files for other
AdobeStandardEncoding fonts (ie Monotype Bulmer, Dante).  All exhibit
the same problem, whether my \encodingdefault is T1 or OT1.

What's happening when you use single quotes in TeX with a PostScript
font built with \latinfamily is you get "grave" to open and
"quotesingle" to close.  (Quotesingle is a straight single quote, and
if you don't have a math font it's good for a prime sign, or
indication of units of feet or degrees of arc; it is represented in
Knuth's typewriter text encoding in position 14.)

This also means that all apostrophes are "quotesingle" when they
should be "quoteright".

Here is a short table of the relevant chars (and a few more).  You
will have to fill in the blanks under T1, since I don't have a table.

NAME             ASCII   TEX   AFM    ISO/ADOBE    OT1   T1
quotesingle	 n/a     $'$   169	39         n/a
quotedbl         " (34)  $''$   34      34         n/a
					       or use Hungarian
						umlaut 253
grave            n/a     \`    193      96         uc 19
						   lc 33
acute            n/a     \'    194     180         20
quoteleft        ` (113) `      96     145         113
quoteright       ' (39)  '      39     146         39
quotedblleft     n/a     ``    170     147         109
quotedblright    n/a     ''    186     148         35

Matt Swift