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mf-mode for the Epson SQ 870 inkjet printer


Here is a mode for the Epson SQ 870:
mode_def epsonsq=
  mode_param (proofing, 0)
  mode_param (pixels_per_inch, 360);
  mode_param (blacker, .7);
  mode_param (fillin, .2);
  mode_param (o_correction, .9);
EpsonSQEightSevenZero := epsonsq;

I tested it with a letter that used the following fonts:
Font 34: dccc1200---loaded at size 786432 DVI units 
Font 33: dcott1200---loaded at size 786432 DVI units 
Font 29: dcobx1095---loaded at size 717619 DVI units 
Font 28: dcor1095---loaded at size 717619 DVI units 
Font 26: dcoss0800---loaded at size 524288 DVI units 
Font 23: cmsy8---loaded at size 524288 DVI units 
Font 16: dcor1200---loaded at size 786432 DVI units 

I experimented mostly with the blacker variable. In comparison to some
postscript fonts, the characters seemed to light with blacker 0, but much too
heavy with a blacker greater than 1. I tried blacker .6 and finally settled
for .7. All the other values are rather fictional, I didn't really test them

(Besides, it would have been impossible on exactly my printer. It has some
problems with the mechanics, so all lines overlap about 3 points. Even with
normal text it looks terrible. I must have it repaired as soon as I have the
money to. :-) )

So if you already have a mode for this printer, throw mine away, if you
don't, please include it. A quick guess is better than nothing.

Yours, Sebastian