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Re: Problem with psnfss and xdvi

>    Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 10:27:52 +0200
>    From: "LINAX1::MICHELS" <michels@linax1.dnet.gwdg.de>
>    Problem with psnfss and xdvi (Version 2.0)
>    I have installed the new psnfss package and copied the .tfm, .fd and
>    .vf Files of /fonts/psnfss/adobe to the correct place of my latex2e
>    installation.
>    dvips works fine but xdvi cannot display some characters such as 'fi'
>    or german characters.
>    Thanks for any advice!
>    --------------------------
>    Helmut Michels
>    MPI fuer Aeronomie, D-37189 Katlenburg-Lindau
>    michels@linax1.mpae.gwdg.de  
> encoding problem.
> probably an old 8r.enc or something like that.

More precisely: is the font you see in xdvi the one you required? or
is it cmr? If this is the case, the encoding problem is a by-product of
the fact that xdvi doesn't find the required pk's for that font. If this
is not the case, then you probably use too old pk's (or a too old
ps2pk/gsftopk/8r.enc etc)

Th. B.