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Re: Would like MakeTeXPK to write into texmf/fonts/public/cm/pk/..

Christopher Lott writes:
 > I would first like to ask about teTeX.  This sounds like the solution
 > to frustrating installs.  Is this available from a CTAN archive, or
 > only commercially?  No matter what the answer, may I suggest making
its not commercial at all. on the contrary!

 > extremely clear references to this package somewhere where a person
 > such as myself might find this notice before blithely ftp'ing
you can buy it on a CD next week, see http://www.tug.org/tex-live.html
 >  + v5.58f of dvipsk includes a big psfonts.map file that seems to
 >    have everything supplied with the psnfss2e package.  
ah. i didnt know that

 >  + The .fd files for adobe as available on CTAN are stored in
 >    subdirectories named "tex".   Directories from other foundries are
 >    set up differently.
no, they are not!

 >  + Maybe I'm on drugs, but I only made the .fd files available to
 >    LaTeX2e, not the .tfm files, and it works fine.  What will not
 > work?
but it must find *some* tfm files!

 >  + A little more explanation about the decision to/not to use Cork
 >    encoding (I still have no clue what that is) would have been great.
ah, you need to read the LaTeX Companion....

 >  + I could barely get test0.tex working, test1.tex was hopeless.
 >    Maybe this is where the missing .tfm files bit me?  Should test1
um, it usually does work, yes...

 > I'm really quite uncertain about the possible bug I reported WRT
 > prioritizing directory seeks when using the ls-R database.  Some more
 > info: we only have latex2e, and it's installed as "latex".  We do not
its hard to say where you have gone wrong, to be honest.