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Re: ptmb8r.vf

 > Some user want to use xdvi with vf for preview. 
i dont know what you mean here, i am afraid

 > The style file does not include ptm but "Times ...". There is no
 > ploblem to print to postscript printer and preview with ghostview.
 > However, xdvi with require ptmb8r.vf.
 > Wat should I change with xdvi?

xdvi requires ptmb8r.pk at some size, not vf. you have to create that
with ps2pk or gsftopk.

if you install the teTeX packaging of tex, xdvi, dvips etc for Unix, 
all this will be set up for you, working. 
you can buy teTeX ready to run on a CDROM 
(see http://www.tug.org/texlive.html), or get it from CTAN.