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Re: Bug fix for mathtime.sty version 2 (1995/03/07)

From: "Nelson H. F. Beebe" <beebe@math.utah.edu>

   We are in the final days of completing the typesetting of a complex
   book, and this morning, I uncovered, and fixed, an error in
   mathtime.sty, version 2 (1995/03/07), which is present in the June
   1996 LaTeX2e distribution as

   % ls -l latex2e/unpacked/mathtime.sty
   -rw-rw-r--   1 beebe        8320 Dec 19  1995 latex2e/unpacked/mathtime.sty

   The error appears in an earlier version of this file on our system too
   (the one that came with the original version of the MathTime purchased
   from Y&Y in October 1992).

By the way, mathtime.dtx/mathtime.ins is obsolete and unsupported, 
as it says on CTAN.  It is pretty bad stuff, way below the quality of
support for MathTime available by using \input lcdlatex under LaTeX 2.09!

Use instead mathtimy.dtx/mathtimy.ins, downloadable from
http://www.YandY.com under `Downloadables'.  It is a bit better.
Although the bug you described may very well be in there also, 
I'll have to check...

Also, \boldmath is problematic because it switches back to CM for bold 
math, which means the glyphs don't match in style, but worse, since CM
is so thin, the *bold* CM math doesn't look much heavier than the
*regular* MathTime math - it just looks different...

MathTime Plus is the way to fix this (see http://www.YandY.com/mathplus.pdf).
But right now on the TeX side, this is only supported under plain TeX
and AMS TeX.  LaTeX 2e support is expected towards the end of the year.

   Examination of mathtime.sty revealed the problem:  it says


   Notice that there is a missing percent on the last item in the
   definition, which results in \boldmath getting a single space into the
   end of its definition.


Thanks for pointing out the fix.


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