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Re: BaKoMa in PD (Was: Adobe acrobat 3.0)

I wrote
> >And I thank you for clarifying this point. I had been unsure whether
> >Basil's fonts were, say, under the GNU copyleft or something. Now I will
> >keep in  mind that they have been released into the public domain.
Yannis Haralambous wrote:
> Here is the exact statement, found in the BaKoMa package:
> ***************************************************************************
> ***
> *                           Licensing agreement
>    *
> ***************************************************************************
> ***
> The author of this fonts grants to any individual or non-commercial
> organization the right to use and to make an unlimited number of copies
> of
> full package or selected fonts when this is done WITHOUT CHARGE
> and has attached this file with licence agreement.
> This fonts cannot be sold or distributed with any commercial product or
> used
> in any commercial organization without additional agreement with author.
> If you want to charge a small fee via distribution these fonts
> or any derivations from this fonts, you should contact the author.
> This restriction is also true for only outlines from this fonts
> i.e. outlines exported into other font formats, for example TrueType or
> Type3.

I now recall reading this statement while considering whether Basil's
fonts could be distributed embedded within a PDF file which was hosted
on a commercial site (that of A Wealthy publisher). 

In short, I concluded that, for such a purpose, one would be obliged to
get permission from Basil to stay on the safe side.

Basil's fonts may be "in the public domain", but they come with
restrictions that commercial entities should be apprpriately concerned

In my own work with commercial publishers, I have found it easier to
continue working with Blue Sky Research. Your Mileage May Vary, but I
encourage commercial entities wishing to embed Type 1 fonts into PDF
documents to work with Blue Sky. If you are an individual preparing
files that a commercial entity will post on their website, and you
already have a license to the Blue Sky fonts, I likewise encourage you
to simply obtain Blue Sky's permission to embed and distribute.

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