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psnfss and lw35nfss

I would be grateful if some readers of this list  could scan my
psnfss/fontinst/psfonts setup for the new LaTeX. What I did was

 - changed fontinst to emit lowercase .fd files
 - cleaned up problems of unncessary MOVERIGHT 0 commands in the virtual
 - redid all the checksum derivation code, and hope things are clean
 - added TS1 virtual fonts (this is preliminary; it needs some
   decisions by Them about how to support the PS subset of TS1)
 - rewrote all the tools in Perl, hopefully making them useable
   (with the downside that you need to be using teTeX or web2c 7)
 - (finally!) added a new set of PK files for the 35 fonts at
   various sizes

You can download most of this set of stuff from the directory
psnfss-beta in incoming on ftp.tex.ac.uk (Robin, please note! dont
delete) - the pk files will be ready soon

Note that the Lucida support will be revised soon, so it has not been
changed much; it'll be brought into line with the new work done by
David Carlisle and Frank Mittelbach for MathTime

NOTE: I am more or less committed to burning a new TeX Live CD-ROM in
4 weeks. So I have to get this finalized quite quickly

Sebastian Rahtz