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Concernant « Re: psnfss and lw35nfss », Peter Harmand écrit :
 > > I would be grateful if some readers of this list  could scan my
 > > psnfss/fontinst/psfonts setup for the new LaTeX. [...]
 > It seems that I am the only one who uses (also only very rarely) the 8r-
 > encoded fonts for typesetting. Is the claim is still valid, that they
 > provide a ligful set of metrics for installations that don't support virtual
 > fonts? In the psnfss-beta distribution (and in the official one on CTAN 
 > since January 96) the 8r-encoded fonts for the standard 35 contain no 
 > ligatures. (Strange, because it seems that they are essentially build by a 
 > \latinfamily command.) Only ptmr's tested.

idem for pagd8r... 

 > Nice to see some dotlessj files in the tools directory. How do I use them? 
 > The 7t/8t/8r/8c metrics don't seem to contain a dotlessj.
You didn't keep the mail of B. Desruisseaux ? essentially his awk
script adds a dotlessj line in the afm, then you run the usual
installation procedure, you have to modify the psfonts.map file to
call the AddDotlessj operator & download dotlessj.pro. It's
unfortunately incompatible with ps2pk, and, without modifying
render.ps with gsftopk (although gsftopk is able to make the bitmap of
this ATM-illegal dotlessj!)

 > Peter