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8r fonts

Er... before you redo your 8r fonts, could you check 8r.mtx?

I'm not pleased at all with all these automatic kernings for accented
letters. It seems to me that the ones contained in latin.mtx are
_exactly_ the most you can automatically do. For instance it's a bad
idea to \setleftrightkerning{egrave}{e}{1000}
as in many fonts the kerning between f - egrave should the _opposite_
of the one between f - e!
Sometimes f\"i is OK without kerns, but unreadable if you apply the 
f i  pair to this one...
As is, these should prevent me from using 8r fonts for real typesetting.

Also someone raised the problem that a few fonts miss some accents
(like breve or macron) so that \zerodepth{breve} can break things
(which is'nt the case with latin.mtx because of the \unfakable commands
that define the missing charachters in any case). As 8r is supposed to
be raw, I suppose these zerodepth should be put inside an \ifisglyph
test as someone suggested.

   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr

PS concerning dotlessj's they're _required_ in maths fonts, probably
less usefull for text fonts. What would be nice would be to know if
this setup is usefull/(partially) working under which
configurations... I'm not sure the lw35nfss should be only aimed at
teTeX users...