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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

>Since there is no way to do using ATM and since there is no way to do
>it using UNICODE, you can see this will not happen except in the
>very restricted world where everything is done using PostScript.
Sure you can: that's the approach we use in omega, small "real" PostScript
fonts compatible with ATM, or TrueType or anything you want, and big
virtual fonts

>Hmm, you can't access Lslash, lslash, Eth, eth etc on the Mac.
>Nobody has `fixed' that.  And that problem has been around for years.
Sure you can, if you have a Polish OS or an Icelandic one (they are easy
to get) or if you use a simple utility like FontMongler.

BTW, concerning the dotlessj one can write a Perl script that generates
out of readable type1 code for j, the code for dotlessj (the outline
describing the dot is necessarily the highest one, just check which is
the highest and erase it, and bingo). So, for those 15,000 fonts without
dotlessj we can automatically write the code for them to get it [and also
think of all necessary kernings, etc.]

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