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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

KNAPPEN@vkpmzd.kph.uni-mainz.de writes:
 > At last, free software is anarchy. 
a feature not a bug

 > Alan and Sebastian want to do virtual fonts without dotless j, they'll do 
 > it. And maybe someone else will do virtual fonts with dotless j, too, and 
 > The only point in arguing here is to avoid double work and double fonts. 
 > And to avoid cluttering up fontname even more.

excuse me, but thats what this list is for, why we are discussing it!
if i may say so, you are the person who is most open to criticism of
working entirely on your own.. :-}

it seems to me that we all want dotlessj if we can have it. but we
dont have a portable way of doing it yet. so surely its sensible to
have virtual fonts which *everyone* can use, rather than backing
further into our corner?