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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

Peter Harmand writes:
 > They are very bad for German typesetting: the kerning pairs T-udieresis 
 > and W-odieresis are quite frequent (eg. in doors and words). With fonts
 > which use a lot of kerning, like Bitstream's, the result looks terrible.
i'll change them then...

 >   * write 8renc.def (and notice that you lost all support by Them)
They are not That Powerful

 >   * realize the kerning problems in 8r.mtx (no \latinfamily for 
 >     fontinst, do everything by hand)
we can fix that

 >   * realize that fontinst isn't well prepared to fake small caps in 8r
 >     (write 8rc.etx)
ah yes. could be done

 > When I made my remark about the missing ligatures in the 8r-encoded
 > metrics in the psnfss-beta distribution, it was really meant as a
 > question: Should one abandon the idea of a ligful 8r-encoding?
pass. i'll improve the kerning things, others can decide
if the thing deserves a future in its own right.