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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

Constantin Kahn writes:
 > Could it be that no one is using 8r-fonts? Could this be related to the
 > fact that the metrics on CTAN were essentially useless for 8r-typesetting
 > since at least February last year (when I first told you about inconsistent
probably both true. i have do defense

 > version of latin.mtx sufficient to do fonts in 8r encoding, plus kerning
 > pairs for lower-case accented glyphs analogous to those for upper case
 > glyphs. This addition of the lower-case kerning pairs was done to mimic the
 > results obtained with afm2tfm if memory serves me right (and it also seemed
hmm, that would explain it. I have _pro tem_ commented out those that
are extra to latin.mtx

 > However, I've just run tftopl on your new ptmr8r.tfm file. The resulting
 > ptmr8r.pl doesn't contain a LIGTABLE at all! So there are *no* kern pairs
yes. there was a serious screw-up which I dont fully understand, but
it has has now gone away, so i will put up a new set of files later
today. ignore everything in earlier release

 > (which may not be the culprit after all) can you *please* (double-)check
 > your scripts/methods? If at all possible then please reissue correct
one method i used which threw me for a long time was to test foo.tfm
by saying
 tftopl foo.tfm foo.pl
without realizing that my setup searched the TEXMF tree *before* ".",
so foo.tfm was not read from the current directory!

 > (Otherwise, I would not object to any decision to remove the lower-case
 > kerning pairs from 8r.mtx if they really cause visual quality problems.)
there are isolated now, anyway, so we can find out