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Why some readers may not be happy...


I think the problem is, some people like to be on list that just have
announcements (I'm on just such a list for NeXTSTEP PPP, for example).
A difficulty arrises when a list is really for discussion but some of 
its readers think it is an announcments list.

I've long since lost the reference that pointed me to this list and so
I really can't remember whether it said anything that would lead people
to believe this was an announcments list; but I can say that this is
often a very low traffic list and that that certainly can give the list
an annoucement list like feel for extended periods.

Sometimes though, it doesn't feel that much like a discussion list
either. The regular participants can come over as somewhat imperious
making it a little intimidating to send e-mail to the list if you're
not an all-knowing font genius.



P.S. If you're reading this list, and you don't want to be on it, the
correct address to mail to is tex-fonts-request@math.utah.edu.  Please
don't send your messages here.