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Re: Checksums (was re: 8r fonts)

    > Great idea!  But I know what will happen.  It will be just like 
    > Tex 'n ANSI encoding => 8r.  Because it `wasn't invented here'
    > it has to be changed - at least enough to make it useless for the

   oh, thats not fair, Berthold. 8r wasnt a deliberate contravention of 
   texnansi. maybe we misunderstood texnansi (your name is on 8r, dont
   forget)  but it was as cynical as you suggest.

OK, I apologize for the tone of my messages.  Perhaps I should have
been more forceful then --- but in the sunny days in Santa Barbara I
just gave up instead :=) What has happened is that 8r adopts many
features of texnansi, but not quite enough to actually displace
texnansi (in particular it dropped the useful repeated encoding to
leave space for - what?) Also, in the end it turns out it probably
didn't really help PC-TeX and TrueTeX etc users much (as far as I
know) - which was one motiviation for basing it on Windows ANSI (which
in turn is derived from ISO Latin 1).  That was hard to predict.

    > Your milage may vary.  But getting totally worthless checksum mismatch
    > error messages is not my idea of fun...

   yes, checksum error messages are one of the worst ways of filling the