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Re: AFMs for Blue Sky CM/PS fonts...

Melissa O'Neill writes:
 > PFB+PFM distribution to put up on CTAN. (An an aside, one or other of
 > them also downcased the names, which I think was a mistake, since I
 > believe it's best if the external file name matches the internal name
 > of the font).
unless your OS is case insensitive, as all are except Unix (?). i
cannot, for instance, preserve the Blue Sky / BaKoMa distinction by
name case on a CD-ROM

 > Well, in practice it looks like the only real difference between the
 > BaKoMa fonts and the BlueSky ones is that the BlueSky ones are freer,
and the Blue Sky free ones dont cover eg the AMS symbol fonts :-}

 >    (*) Actually, it's probably a shame either way since Basil K. Malyshev's
 >        software is now languishing on a disk somewhere, untouched, unused,
 >        while the EC fonts are out there aching to be converted to type1
hear hear.

though i don't quite have your faith that Basil didn't hand-tinker at