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Re: AFMs for Blue Sky CM/PS fonts...

   There are ,,official`` afm files for the cm fonts made by Pierre MacKay
   using gf2afm on CTAN://fonts/cm/afm.

   Pierre MacKay has invested some work to render all cm font dimensions in 
   an afm file.

   --J"org Knappen.

   >From the README:

   These Computer Modern afm files are made up by way of a METAFONT
   compilation, and so represent Knuth's designs exactly.  I have
   included everything but cmff10 cmfi10 cmfib10 and cminch.  You have to
   draw the line somewhere.

   No information that can be preserved is discarded.  I have invented names
   for fontdimens that afm does not know about.  [...]

These are *not* the official AFM files for the BSR CM fonts.
For a start, they have rounded advance widths and no ligatures links.
Please be patient.  Let AMS decide when and how to deal with this.