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Re: AFMs for Blue Sky CM/PS fonts...

Thanks. Some of those are bold math, which are not in CM, but in AMS
font set (supposedly to be released end of the year).  Also odd sizes
of cmex are of course not in CM but in AMS font set, as are odd
sizes of CMCSC

   From: Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@elsevier.co.uk>

   I list the extra ones (in addition to AMS). dont ask me what or why
   the exist...

Well, CMBSY*, CMMIB* are extra bold math sizes that are *not* in 
Knuth's 75 CM set, but are in the AMS font set:

   cmbsy6.pfb   cmbsy7.pfb   cmbsy8.pfb   cmbsy9.pfb
   cmmib9.pfb	cmmib8.pfb   cmmib7.pfb   cmmib6.pfb

Ditto for odd sizes of CMEX* and CMCSC*:

   cmex7.pfb   cmex8.pfb    cmex9.pfb
   cmcsc8.pfb  cmcsc9.pfb

I believe the bulk of the fonts in your list (the CMC* fonts) are 
however extended with Cyrillic - which is another story

    cmcbxti1.pfb  cmcss12.pfb   cmcti10.pfb   cmcyr5.pfb
    cmccsc10.pfb  cmcss17.pfb   cmcti12.pfb   cmcyr6.pfb
    cmccsc8.pfb   cmcss8.pfb    cmcti7.pfb    cmcyr7.pfb
    cmccsc9.pfb   cmcss9.pfb    cmcti8.pfb    cmcyr8.pfb
   cmcb10.pfb    cmcitt10.pfb  cmcssbx1.pfb  cmcti9.pfb    
   cmcbx10.pfb       cmcssdc1.pfb  cmctt10.pfb   
   cmcbx12.pfb     cmcssi10.pfb  cmctt12.pfb  cmcyr9.pfb
   cmcbx5.pfb    cmcsl10.pfb   cmcssi12.pfb  cmctt8.pfb    
   cmcbx6.pfb    cmcsl12.pfb   cmcssi17.pfb  cmctt9.pfb    
   cmcbx7.pfb    cmcsl8.pfb    cmcssi8.pfb   cmcu10.pfb    
   cmcbx8.pfb    cmcsl9.pfb    cmcssi9.pfb   cmcyr10.pfb   
   cmcbx9.pfb    cmcsltt1.pfb  cmcssq8.pfb   cmcyr12.pfb   
   cmcbxsl1.pfb  cmcss10.pfb   cmcssqi8.pfb  cmcyr17.pfb