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Re: MF ==> (PS type1)

   Date: Ven, 7 Mar 97 22:22:06 -0000
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   >You will have to ask Mike Spivak whether *any* of the original MF code
   >survived.  For one, he was I think, not at all pleased with the design
   >and redid virtually all of it himself.  And then someone (Yannis?)
   >made the pre 1.0 version in Type 1 format.

   Yes, I did Type 1 versions of the lams fonts. But as last year all my
   cartridges were stolen, I don't have those fonts anymore. Mike is the
   only one to have them (I hope he kept them, I did a very precise work
   so that pieces of arrows fit to each other, he had a book to publish in
   very high resolution, that's why he needed PS fonts)

I knew that (about the lams fonts) :=).  
The question was about the MathTime 1.0 fonts...

Regards, Berthold.