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Re: BlueSky fonts and subfont

   Has anyone had success using the BlueSky fonts with Basil K. Malyshev's
   fload font loading program, especially the subfont program it uses to
   generate subset/partial fonts...

   When I use the BaKoMa fonts (also created by subfont's author), I get:

       unix% fload -P 35 parsecom-bakoma.ps > parsecom-fixed.ps    
       Process PS file parsecom.ps.new.
       Write font using statistic to parsecom.ps.fstat
       Process font 'cmtex10' from file '/fonts/bakoma/./cmtex10.pfb'
       Process font 'cmtex9' from file '/fonts/bakoma/./cmtex9.pfb'

   ... however, with the BlueSky fonts, it breaks:

       unix% fload -P 35 parsecom.ps.bluesky > parsecom-fixed.ps
       Process PS file parsecom.ps.bluesky.
       Write font using statistic to parsecom.ps.fstat
       Process font 'CMBX10' from file '/fonts/bluesky/./CMBX10.pfb'
       Unexpected end of Subrs: '
       'While 39 Subrs yet not defined
       Unexpected end of CharStrings: '
       'While 0 CharStrings yet not defined
       Process font 'CMTI9' from file '/fonts/bluesky/./CMTI9.pfb'
       Process font 'CMSY10' from file '/fonts/bluesky/./CMSY10.pfb'

   Since I have no idea what ``Subrs: '' are, or what ``CharStrings: '' are
   in this context, I have no idea what is wrong with subfont (or missing in
   the BlueSky fonts), or how to fix it.

The program cannot handle arbitrary Type 1 fonts, only Bakoma.  
It gets stuck in the encrypted part which is not in exactly the same
form as that in BaKoMa fonts.

   It would be really quite useful if I could get this working, since in
   the use I'm putting the fonts to, the exact advance widths of the BlueSky
   fonts will (I believe) result in better output than I would get with
   the BaKoMa fonts.

But why do you want to do download or make subfonts? In the first place?
Just use the new DVIPS to do it for you.  And withpartial font down
loading there is little use for permanent downloading to the printer.

   If someone reading this list either knows of an alternate program for
   making font subsets or would have the time to investigate this problem,
   I'd appreciate it.

DOWNLOAD and/or SUBFONT from Y&Y can do this sort of thing.  
But again, I don't see the point.

   P.S. The task is converting some legacy PostScript files (without the
   original DVI files that created them) from using bitmaps to using
   PostScript fonts, so neither dvips 5.66a nor dvipsone's partial font
   loading are likely to help.

Oh, I see. How about the following: rip out the bitmap fonts.  Insert
references to the outline fonts, but *do not include the fonts
themselves* Then run through Distiller.  Take the resulting PDF file
read it into Acrobat Reader and print to file.  if you have told
Distiller where the fonts are and you have changes it settings to
always subset you will have what you want.

Berthold Horn