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Re: MF ==> (PS type1)

bkph>    This is in direct contradiction to the information given at the BSR
bkph>    and Y&Y web sites.  So what is the truth?
bkph> Could you explain?  I do not know what the contradiction is?  
bkph> Yes, the AMS font set exists in Type 1 format.  Yes, it includes Euler
bkph> fonts.  But you use it *with* CM fonts for basic math, it just
bkph> *extends* it.  I must have somehow missed the point....

The Euler family also contains EURM and EUSB fonts.  The EURM fonts
may replace CMMI and the EUSB fonts may replace the CMSY fonts (at
least partially).  This is what Knuth did for the Concrete Mathematics
book.  Look at the `gkpmac.tex' macro package (builds on the plain
format).  I did a similar package (`euler') for LaTeX.

Frank Jensen,   fj@cs.auc.dk
Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University