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Re: MF ==> (PS type1)

   I forgot the most important thing: greek letters, both lowercase and

   EUSB is indeed a bold script font.  What I meant to refer to was
   EUSM/EUSB (for the medium and bold script fonts).  This font (the MF
   version of it at least) has a layout similar to CMSY, although some
   characters are missing (\cdot, \times, and such).

You can rest assured that the Type 1 versions have *exactly*
the same glyphs as the original MF versions (except they also have
a genuine `space' character).

   It is slightly misleading to say that EURM contains only alphabetic
   characters, since it contains all latin and greek letters in both
   lowercase and uppercase versions.  In addition, it contains arabic
   numerals, some punctuation characters, less than/greater than signs,
   the `slash' and the \partial signs, \imath, \jmath.  The layout is
   similar to CMMI.  

Well it has the alphabet in the same place :=)  But it is missing 
most of the `math' glyphs.

   Again, I can only talk about the MF version, since
   that is the only version I know.

See above.

   bkph> By the way, I still don't see the `contradiction' you alluded to :=).

   You said that only EUEX was available in Type1 format, but the BSR and
   Y&Y web sites say that also the other Euler fonts are available.  

You misunderstood. What I meant was that the only `math' font in the
Euler font group is EUEX*.

   I assumed that the Type1 versions of these fonts contained the same
   glyphs as the MF versions, so I concluded that enough glyphs were
   available to create the ``Euler look'' from the Concrete Mathematics
   book using Type1 fonts only.

Well, tell me whether it uses CM math fonts or not.  Then we can
settle the question of whether there is a `fourth choice'