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Re: Malyshev's work

>      When Basil Malyshev's worked on  METAFONT ==> PS Type 1
> conversion there was a clear conflict of interest between him and
> those (Berthold for one) who had earlier created the  CM/PS &
> AMS/PS  as a commercial product.  I am morally certain that this
> conflict made him rather hesitant in promoting and perfecting his
> work. [...]

Your morals are plainly different from mine.

My understanding is that he found the work *very* time-consuming and
exhausting, and wanted some monetary recompense (remember, he lives in
Russia, and so probably hardly ever acquires any money via what you or
I would consider `normal' channels).  Hence his original restrictions
on use by commercial organisations.

ISTR that someone's given him some money somehow, and the restrictions
have been lifted.

He still does not release his conversion code, or give any details of
the manual operations involved.  Maybe he hopes to wow the world some
time with a conversion of the EC fonts...  (And to earn some _real_
money, perhaps.)  I wouldn't expect anything much of him in the
immediate future.