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Re: Malyshev's work

Berthold K. P. Horn writes:
 > Yes, DVIPS is wonderful and has helped propel the TeX world into the
 > PostScript era.  Few remember that there was enormous resistance,
 > mostly because PS was invented by Adobe and Adobe is a commercial 
When was this resistance, Berthold? I started TeX in 1986; in 1987 I
went to the TUG meeting in Seattle, and talked to many people about
dvi to PS drivers; Stephan von B was just then finishing his effort,
Textures of course had PS output, and I gave many people copies of a
dvi2ps set up to under builtin PS fonts. I dont recall any suggestion
of opposition to Adobe or to PS.

 > another story).  On the other hand, it is gratifying in a way to see
 > features of DVIPSONE such as `partial font downloading' make it into
 > other DVI drivers :=)
you are right. if i understand right. Rokicki's code comes from Sergey
Lesenko, who started from Malyshev's fload, which came from seeing
dvipsone. then then i may be rewriting history,....