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Re: T1 encoding and font subsetting dont mix in dvips (fixed, kinda)

Karl writes
> Here's my current t1part.c, FWIW.


And then asks:

> Melissa's first fix certainly looks applicable, and I guess the finclude
> thing as well.  Why is it good to get rid of support for %%DocumentFonts,
> BTW?

Maybe my patch was too harsh a hack, but while it is right for DVIPS
to scan EPS files to find what fonts they use so that those fonts
can be included on the output file's ``%%DocumentFonts:'' line, in
another regard dvips was treated ``%%DocumentFonts:'' as if it were
``%%DocumentNeededFonts:'', and adding the font to the list of fonts
that should eventually be included by DVIPS.

Quoting from page 662 of the `red book',
    Note that %%DocumentFonts: should be the union of %%DocumentNeededFonts:
    and %%DocumentSuppliedFonts:
Thus, if you have an EPS file which uses, say, Utopia, and Utopia (or
a subset) is included in the EPS file, we find that suddenly dvips is
adding an extra copy of Utopia in the final output which wasn't needed.

If dvips wants to include fonts that an EPS file needs but doesn't
supply, it should either scan for ``%%DocumentNeededFonts:'' or
``%%IncludeFont:'' in the EPS file (and the similar generalized comments
for resources).

Hope this makes things clearer,