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Re: kern pairs in CM fonts TFM

>OK, let's try something more difficult:
>I want to print the string ffi but it should be printed as f next to
>fi (lig) but not as the ffi lig. Nonetheless, I want to have the right
>kern between f and fi (well fi is in unicode, but let's suppose it's
>not there)

I encounter only one problem: I can't see where the difficulty is...

What you want is a font with fi ligature but without ffi, and with
a kern between f and fi. Provided your font has a kern between f and fi
in your otp you will put a f+i -> fi ligature, but not a f+fi->ffi one.

I know what you are thinking, no need to ask it: yes, of course you
can have a ff ligature: just put the rule f+fi->itself before f+f->ff.

>but let's suppose it's
>not there)

The character set Omega works with is an superset of Unicode. It can 
anything you want.

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