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New font developments: OpenType Font Specification

People on this list may be interested in a new announcement about a
major development in the font industry dated today, 23-Apr-1997, at
this URL:


It begins:

>> ...
>> Adobe Systems and Microsoft Deliver OpenType Font Specification
>> Universal Font Format Enhances User Experience and Integrates Print
>> and Web Authoring Environments; Industry Endorses Open Standard and
>> Font Embedding Solution
>> SEYBOLD, New York (April 23 , 1997) (Nasdaq:ADBE, MSFT)--Adobe Systems
>> Incorporated and Microsoft Corporation today announced the
>> availability of an OpenType font specification for developers and
>> ISVs. OpenType is a universal typography solution co-developed by the
>> two companies that combines today's leading Type 1 and TrueType font
>> technologies. OpenType is a next-generation type format that
>> streamlines font management in a mixed computing-platform environment,
>> provides richer formatting options, and includes an integrated
>> Internet publishing environment for font embedding and management for
>> Internet-based applications. Unlike proprietary font embedding
>> technologies, OpenType is an open, freely-licensable solution for
>> developers who want to build support into Web browsers and authoring
>> tools. The OpenType specification is available on both the Adobe
>> (http://www.adobe.com) and Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com) Web
>> pages.
>> Industry leading font developers, including Agfa Typographic Systems
>> and MonoType Typography Incorporated, have publicly endorsed OpenType
>> and font embedding for high-quality typography across all publishing
>> media and for protection of intellectual property rights. These
>> companies, as well as Adobe and Microsoft, plan to deliver OpenType
>> typefaces by early 1998. Additionally, Microsoft today unveiled its
>> first OpenType typeface, a new expanded-character set version of
>> Hermann Zapf Palatino(TM). Zapf has overseen the project with
>> Linotype-Hell AG at every stage. The new font was shown today in the
>> Type Gallery at the Seybold conference.
>> ...

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