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Re: hidden composites

Melissa O'Neill wrote:
> I'd say the problem isn't the AFM, but the partial font downloader; it
> should be doing a better job. (It might not even be that hard to fix
> if you have the source.)

Good suggestion - the source is avail for your attempts in this
direction ;-)

> Generally, I've found that AFMs have more metric information than one
> can extract (easily) from a PFA file, however. 

Even more specifically, the tools for generating the complete (and
exact) AFM are available for years meanwhile. But of course please feel
free to reinvent the wheel...

> However, a quick look
> at the available information seems to indicate that it might be doable
> in this case.

Oh well - it is true!

> Anyway, I hope this helps,

I fear not too much - as long as getafm or similar code is not adjusted
nothing will change.

Hilmar Schlegel

mailto:hshlgaii@mailszrz.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE?Subject=Mail response